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Business Research

Course Description

The course is essential for students undertaking a dissertation project in the course of study. It aims at guiding, explaining and describing different stages of conducting research in a logical sequence. It highlights on the nature and purpose of research, the qualities of a good researcher and overview of the research process. It examines the practical issues relating to research, supervision, finding and guiding access to information on a specified time-scale. Besides, high lights on the different approaches to research, generate a research topic and conduct literature search. It emphasis on design of a project, and research findings.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this subject, the student would be able to:

      understand various stages of conducting research in a logical sequence

      understand the qualities of a good researcher, research process, approaches to research

      generate topic for research and conduct literature review

      focus on collection of marginal data, presenting data, writing research report, viva and publish research findings.


Course Contents

      Definition and purpose of research, types of research and characteristics of a good research project.

      Managing research, types of research methodology

      Generating research topic, starting literature review

      Determining research design

      Appropriate data collection methods

      Analyzing qualitative / quantitative data

      Writing up the project and achieving the required standards

Research Proposal
Research in Business
Research Process
Scientific Thinking
Ethics in Business Research
Design Strategies & Measurement
Scaling design
Sampling design
Sources of data & Survey methods
Instruments for respondent communication
Observational studies & experimentation
Data preparation & analysis
Presenting results


Indicative Reading

Core text

Donald R. Cooper Business Research Methods, TATA McGraw Hill


Reference Books

Gill, John / Johnson, Phil Research Methods for Managers Paul Chapman

G. C. Berry, Marketing Research, Tat McGraw Hill

David Luck & Rona Rubin, Marketing Research, PHI

Donald S. Tull,  Marketing Research Measurement and Methods, PHI


Internet related Sources:



The assessment for this course is out of 100 %, which is divided as follows:
Attendance             10%
Assignment 1          20%
Assignment 2          20%
Final Exam            50%
Total                      100%
Attendance will be based on your actual attendance percentage in class
Assignment 1:
Research Proposal
         Your research proposal must include the following headings:
1.       Proposed Project Title
2.       Research Objectives
3.       Problem Statement
4.       Literature Review
5.       Research Design
6.       Resources Required
7.       Form of Presentation.
8.       Business/ Management Implications of the Study
9.       Limitations of the Research
10.   Bibliography  

Your assignment should be analytical, resourceful and complete with sources and should be approximately 1000 words in length.

Please note that this research proposal will serve as an assignment for the course Business Research as well as your actual proposal for the dissertation project

For Sample Research Proposal click here
Assignment 2:
Literature Review
Based on the research proposal that you had prepared earlier for your Assignment # 1, gather secondary information for your literature review.
         A variety of sources i.e. books, magazines, journals, websites, government publications etc. should be used, and appropriate referencing for every source used must be given. 
         Your literature review should also include quantitative data / figures / charts etc. wherever appropriate
         All information should be presented in a clear, organized manner and the total word limit of the assignment should be approximately 1000 words.
Final Exam: 50 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) in 1 hour. For sample/practice questions click here Business Research MCQs
For detailed study material click here Business Research Study Material