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Business Communication

Course Description

This course is designed to assist students in developing an understanding of some of the basic typical models  used to convey different types of oral and written communication.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this subject, the student would be able to:

  1. explain the communication process with an organizational context
  2. discuss formal and informal dimensions of communication within an organization
  3. describe the nature of interpersonal communication within an organization
  4. discuss the influence of technology on communication in organizations
  5. assess communication patterns and evaluate their effectiveness

 Course Contents

                                 General introduction to organizational communication
                                 Behavioral communication
                                 Methods of verbal and non-verbal communication
                                 Effective presentations, interviews, and speeches
                                 Memo, reports, and other intra-organizational correspondence
                                 An effective use of Information Technology


Indicative Reading

Core text

Sinha K.K., Business Communication  (2nd Rev Ed), Galgotia Publishing Company, New Delhi, India.

Reference Books

         Mohan, Krishna / Banerji, Meera. Developing Communication Skills, (2001) Macmillan India Ltd., Delhi, India.

         Sharma R.C. Mohan, Krishna. Business Correspondence & Report Writing, (1999) Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, India.

         Guffey, Mary Ellen Essentials of Business Communication, 2nd Edition, (2001) South Western College Publisher, Australia.

         Chandler, Frances G. Fundamental of Business Communication.  (1995) IRWIN, Chicago, U.S.

         Little, Peter. Communication in Business, 3rd Edition, (1977) Longman Group Ltd., U.K.

The assessment for this course is out of 100 %, which is divided as follows:
Attendance             10%
Assignment 1          20%
Assignment 2          20%
Final Exam            50%
Total                      100%
Attendance will be based on your actual attendance percentage in class
Assignment 1:
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of oral communication.
What tips would you give to a person who wants to give a successful presentation
Your assignment should be analytical and not merely descriptive
The total word limit of the assignment is approximately 1000 words
Include proper references wherever applicable
Assignment 2:
Write ANY ONE of the following letters:
1.   A SALES LETTER to a retailer informing him about the new product you have added to your business.
2.   REPLY to a customerís complaint letter (use your own imagination for necessary details).
1.   The letter should be on a letter head. (use your creativity to design a letter head)
2.   The letter should be typed using the full block form.
4.   Sign in your own name.
5.   Mention details like cc or enclosure, if applicable.
6.   Submit in an envelope (as you actually would).
7.   Use imaginary name & address (for the receiver)
Final Exam: 50 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) in 1 hour.
For sample/practice questions and detailed study material click here Business Communication Notes