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Course Description
Marketing Management aims to give students an understanding of the issues involved in making marketing mix decisions; the relevance of competition to marketing decisions and the fundamentals of competitive marketing strategy. Students will also be studying business-to-business, and service marketing. The emphasis is very much on analyzing marketing issues, using knowledge both to understand the reasons why certain decisions are taken, and also to be able to make the case for different courses of action.
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this unit, students will be able to:
      Understand the major issues involved in making marketing mix decisions
      Understand the relationships between different elements of the marketing mix
      Appreciate the criteria which determine deployment of the marketing mix in given situations, to achieve specific objectives
      Appreciate the need for modification of the marketing mix in business to business marketing
      Understand the relevance of competitors in determining competitive advantage and strategy
      Appreciate the main elements of competitive marketing strategy
Course Utility
Students will be able to:
      Apply marketing theory to practical situations
      Collect and analyze information about companies, marketing strategies, competitors and markets
      Work in small groups and develop an understanding of group roles and dynamics
Course Contents
v      Organizational Markets and Buying Behavior
v      Product, Branding and Packaging
v      Developing and Managing Product
v      Advertising, Publicity and Sponsorship
v      Personal Selling, Sales Promotion and Direct Mail
v      Pricing Concepts and Setting Prices
v      Marketing Strategy and Competitive Forces
v      Marketing Planning and Sales Potential
v      Business to Business Marketing
v      Marketing of Services
Core Text
Philip Kotler (2003) Marketing Management  11th Edition: Prentice Hall International
Indicative Reading
Mode of Assessment
The assessment for this course is out of 100 %, which is divided as follows:
Attendance             10%
Assignment 1          20%
Assignment 2          20%
Final Exam            50%
Total                      100%
Attendance will be based on your actual attendance percentage in class
Details of the assignment to be announced in class
Sample Assignment 1:
Select an organization of your choice and discuss its 4Ps. Analyze how it is able to market its products/services better than its competitors.
The assignment should be between 700-1000 words in length.
Sample Assignment 2:
Prepare a written assignment of not more than 1000 words on any one of the following topics. Your assignment should be creative and analytical and should include all sources referred.
Sample Assignment Topics

1.        Discuss the impact of advances in technology on the marketing communications mix over the next 10 years.

2.        Using examples, compare & contrast advertising media selection and general levels of media spend for industrial and consumer goods.

3.        Critically compare and contrast the differences between Industrial Marketing and Consumer Marketing. Give examples of both Industrial and Consumer Marketing. Comment.

4.        Critically evaluate the elements for establishing a distinctive brand identity. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples.

5.        Critically evaluate the role of e-marketing in the modern business environment.

6.        Compare the marketing of consumer durables and FMCG. Give examples.

7.        What role does sponsorship play in boosting the sales of a company. Give examples with reference to sponsorship of DSF.

8.        Explain the role of advertising in UAE market with reference to social and cultural context. Give examples

9.        "The new market trend is towards branding gold jewelry". Discuss this statement in context of marketing of gold ornaments in UAE.

10.     Discuss the marketing strategies adopted in promoting tourism in GCC countries.

11.     "Emotions in advertising influence consumer buying ". Critically evaluate the above statement

12.      Discuss the various stages of new product development with a real life example of your choice.

13.     Discuss the significance of sponsorship with reference to any one company sponsoring the ICC World Cup 2003

14.     Evaluate the advantages and constraints in building a brand. Give examples

15.     Discuss the role of IT in the marketing of goods and services.

16.     Explain the opportunities of cell phones as a medium of marketing communications. Discuss

17.     Explain the significance of branding and analyze why a good brand has more depth than a poor brand.

18.     Discuss the elements of a communication strategy, indicating the function of each element

19.     "Only those organisation can succeed in the modern world, which adopt an integrated marketing communications approach" Discuss the above statement with examples supporting your view.

20.     Assume that you are the marketing manager of a hypermarket. In order to take advantage of marketing opportunities your company needs to have a sound understanding of it's internal capabilities and of the marketing environment in which it operates. You have been given the task of preparing a document for the board, which identifies the elements of the marketing environment that your company needs to understand and explain why each is of importance.

21.     "Public relations are only necessary when our company has blundered" Discuss

22.     Is direct marketing the likely method of future communications strategy. Discuss

23.     What is meant by price competition & non-price competition. Discuss how price competition can help achieve competitive advantage.

24.     Discuss the various functions of packaging with the help of an example of your choice.

25.     Discuss how environmental, organisational, interpersonal & individual factors affect organisational purchases? Give examples.

26.     How do industry profits change as a product moves through the four stages of it's life-cycle.

27.     Assume that a company is planning to promote a health drink to both adults and children. Along what major dimensions would these two promotional efforts have to be different?

28.     How should an organisation handle negative publicity? Identify a recent example of a firm that received negative publicity. Did the firm deal with it effectively.

29.     How does a salesperson find and evaluate prospects? Do you find any of these methods ethically questionable?

30.     How does a sales manager, who can't be with each salesperson in the field on a daily basis, control the performance of sales personnel?

31.     Why do you think most firms are diversifying?

32.     What are the major considerations in developing the product portfolio grid. Define and explain, with example, the four basic categories suggested by the Boston Consulting Group.

33.     Identify the major components of strategic market planning and explain how they are interrelated.

34.     What is a SWOT analysis? Explain, with examples, how it leads to an understanding of realistic market opportunities?

35.     Why would a company use a marketing audit?

36.     Why would a business-to-business marketer spend resources on advertising aimed at stimulating consumer demand? Discuss with examples

37.     Discuss the growth of hypermarkets in UAE and its influence on buying patterns among expatriates and locals.

38.     Why do organizational marketers rely on personal selling more than FMCG marketers?

39.     The UAE market is flooded with promotion sales. Critically analyze the causes.

40.     Brand consciousness is high only for high income group consumers. Comment.

41.     Differentiate the marketing strategies between used-car dealers and new car dealers

42.     The real estate market is a sellers market and not a buyers market, and therefore requires no marketing strategies. Comment

43.     Identify the marketing strategies of package tour operators in UAE, with special reference to domestic tour operators.

44.     Compare the customer relationship marketing strategies used between any two industries in the UAE.

45.     Discuss the marketing strategies adopted by educational institutions in the UAE.

46.     Write a note on the scope of online purchasing in UAE.

47.     Write a note on government projects like Knowledge Village as a promotion tool for attracting investment.

48.     Write a note on government projects like Dubai Internet City as a promotion tool for attracting investment.

49.     Write a note on government projects like Dubai Media City as a promotion tool for attracting investment.

50.     Write a note on government exhibitions like GITEX as a promotion tool for attracting investment.

51.     Discuss the marketing strategies of Emirates Airlines

52.     Discuss the marketing strategies of Dubai Duty Free

53.     Dubai the city that cares is a slogan used by the government. What positioning strategy is the government aiming at?

54.     Advertising on and in buses and taxis is an effective tool of promotion. Comment.

55.     Customer delight is the ultimate target of a marketer. Explain how it can be achieved in an educational institution.

56.     Pricing is the most important strategy of all the Ps used in marketing. Comment

57.     Compare the marketing strategies of any two hospitals in the UAE.

58.     Using examples, discuss the role of marketing in the insurance sector.

59.     Suggest ways in which a car manufacturer could add to his product offering to provide a more attractive total product.

60.     What is the total product offered by McDonalds hamburgers? How does this give them an advantage over their competitors.?


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