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Course Overview

Organizational Behavior is an important field of study for anyone who plans to work in an organization at some point in his or her life. Understanding some key principles about how people behave in organizations can help make you a more effective co-worker, team member, and organizational citizen. Organizational behavior is the study of how individuals relate in the workplace, and how group and organizational structures affect individual behavior. This course is organized around these three levels of focus: individuals, groups (or teams), and organizations. This course will require you to apply your communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and information synthesis skills in many different ways.


Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:


          Describe specific theories related to perception, motivation, leadership, job design, and organizational change.

          Demonstrate effective teamwork behaviors (i.e., participating in activities, attending meetings, resolving conflict, completing subtasks in a timely     


          Understand the role of ethics and social responsibility in organizational behavior.

          Describe and evaluate methods of motivating and rewarding individuals and groups.

          Identify appropriate decision making tools and models for various circumstances.

          Integrate individual, group, and organizational level concepts.

          Identify, find, and evaluate articles on topics related to organizational behavior.  

          Identify the organizational behavior concepts and theories present in real business world examples.

          Clearly communicate, both orally and in writing, opinions, findings, and supporting logic to a variety of audiences


Course Contents


1.        Theory and Power - In this lesson you will be introduced to the schools of management theory as well as a brief examination of the impact of power in


2.        Process and Structure - In this lesson we will begin examining organizational Structure and the impact it has on an organization, and your


3.        Group Dynamics - This lesson will introduce you to the theories of leading groups, and how you can make any groups you are a part of better!

4.        Motivational Theory - This lesson is concerned with the development of motivational theory, and how this can be applied to everyday working lives.

5.        Leadership - There are significant differences between being a leader, and a manager. In this lesson we will examine these differences


Indicative Reading


Core text:             Essentials of Organizational Behavior (2004) Stephen Robbins: Pearson Education


Reference Books


          Organizational Behavior: Foundations, Realities, and Challenges (2004) Debra L. Nelson and James

          Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior (2004) Jennifer George, Gareth Jones

          International Organizational Behavior (2004) Anne Marie Francesco, Barry Gold

          Psychological Dimensions of Organizational Behavior (2003) Barry Staw


Academic Strategies


Lectures, Tutorials, Case study analysis, Presentations




The assessment for this course is out of 100 %, which is divided as follows:


Attendance                             10%

Assignment 1                          20%

Assignment 2                          20%

Final Exam                              50%


Total                                       100%


Details of the assessment to be announced in class


Study Material