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Course Description

Organizations today face many challenges in the management of their human resources. Whether employees work in a big company or a small non-profit agency, those employees must be recruited, selected, trained and managed. They also must be compensated and many will be given benefits of some type. In an environment in which the workforce keeps changing, laws and the needs of employers change too. Therefore, human resource management (HRM) activities continue to change and evolve, and this course will discuss these various events. This course provides an overview of the human resource management field. Particular emphasis is placed on learning the following topics of human resources (HR), which are HR planning, job analysis, staffing, training, wage administration, compensation and benefits and labor relations.

Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the unit, the student should be able to:


Course Contents


Indicative Reading

Core Text

Beardwell, Ian. and Holder, Len. (1997): HRM - A Contemporary Perspective (2nd ED.) : Pitman Publishing

Reference Books

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HRM Power Point Slides

HRM Power Point Slides