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Course Description
Marketing Management aims to give students an understanding of the issues involved in making marketing mix decisions; the relevance of competition to marketing decisions and the fundamentals of competitive marketing strategy. Students will also be studying business-to-business, and service marketing. The emphasis is very much on analyzing marketing issues, using knowledge both to understand the reasons why certain decisions are taken, and also to be able to make the case for different courses of action.
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this unit, students will be able to:
      Understand the major issues involved in making marketing mix decisions
      Understand the relationships between different elements of the marketing mix
      Appreciate the criteria which determine deployment of the marketing mix in given situations, to achieve specific objectives
      Appreciate the need for modification of the marketing mix in business to business marketing
      Understand the relevance of competitors in determining competitive advantage and strategy
      Appreciate the main elements of competitive marketing strategy
Course Utility
Students will be able to:
      Apply marketing theory to practical situations
      Collect and analyze information about companies, marketing strategies, competitors and markets
      Work in small groups and develop an understanding of group roles and dynamics
Course Contents
v      Organizational Markets and Buying Behavior
v      Product, Branding and Packaging
v      Developing and Managing Product
v      Advertising, Publicity and Sponsorship
v      Personal Selling, Sales Promotion and Direct Mail
v      Pricing Concepts and Setting Prices
v      Marketing Strategy and Competitive Forces
v      Marketing Planning and Sales Potential
v      Business to Business Marketing
v      Marketing of Services
Core Text
Philip Kotler (2004) Marketing Management   Prentice Hall International
Indicative Reading
Mode of Assessment
The assessment for this course is out of 100 %, for which the students will be required to attempt 50 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) in one hour.
For sample/practice questions and detailed study material click here Marketing Management Notes